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Exfoliating Body Wash - Enriched with Cactus Leaf and Basil Extracts

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Isa’s Exfoliation Body Wash is a gentle formulated shower cream that helps to protect the hydration of the skin and to aid in the healing of problem skin such as eczema and other itchy skin disorders. The combination of the wonder ingredients of Dead Sea Minerals, Cactus, and Basil Leaf extracts provides the skin with a wealth of healing power while leaving the skin rejuvenated and smooth.

Did you know Cactus extracts have unique abilities to prevent dehydration of the skin?This super-power extract prevents both moisture loss and water evaporation from the skin, making an intense moisturizer. Not only do Cactus extracts help keep your skin hydrated and plump, they also contain high levels of potent antioxidants which neutralize free-radicals and may help minimize the development of skin aging.We combined this beauty herb with the healing power of Basil Leaf Extract. This ancient herb is also known as the “queen of herbs,” and is the most sacred of all herbs found in India! It is acclaimed for its healing properties of the mind, body, and spirit. Time and again, this wonder herb has proved itself to be one of the most essential ingredients used in herbal skin care products. It’s purifying and antiseptic properties help with many skin issues, including eczema and acne. It’s soothing and healing properties give relief for the symptoms of itching and red skin due to inflammation, resulting in a smooth healthy skin.

This is great news for your skin! Why not make that morning shower your first step of the day to a younger healthier skin with Isa’s, Exfoliating Body Wash.

Let the refreshing natural fragrance lift your spirit!


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